with spring, comes a new beginning

it’s hard to start afresh.

it almost feels like you have to say goodbye to what you’ve had in the past to be able to move on to something new. something a friend of mine once said to me when i mentioned that, is that the end of a book isn’t necessarily the end of a story. here i’m starting my new book but i’m continuing to write my story, my way, from my perspective. 

starting a public diary has been possibly the most difficult decision to make. to show my deepest thoughts to the public eye. so for now, i shall remain anonymous. 

every day when i rise with the sun, i try to tell myself how lucky i am to live in a world so good as ours. every day offers new opportunities and shows us exactly why it’s worth living.

this beginning for me is about appreciation. this is the start of a new chapter in my book, appreciating the little things, the big things and exploring every fogged thought in my mind.


thank you for reading my first post. together we can experience this new chapter of my life.