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I write today, the first time in months. Voila…

I was taking a shower not so long ago tonight, only a couple of hours after rekindling my yoga practice. And in that shower, came flooding through my mind these thoughts. Thoughts of acceptance.

In this consuming, materialistic, comparative, competitive (must I go on?) society, on a daily basis we are faced with many challenges. What I realised today, in the midst of scrubbing myself clean to the bone with a body buffer was that, the biggest challenge that we face, is our relationship that we have with ourself.

I know as a teenager, a female and a human, the external pressures to perform in certain ways according to the societal norms consumes much of my thoughts and emotion. These pressures do not come along state their presence and leave to allow us to carry on with our lives. No, these pressures consume our every moment. The moment we open our eyes, till the moment we close them, we are being bombarded with expectations concerning our bodies, our studies, our relationships and our behaviours.

Tonight, I sat myself down and had a serious talk to myself, I had seriously had enough of my conscience beating myself up constantly. Ladies, an average of 77% of our self talk is negative. So in the average hour that translates to 46 minutes, and in every 24 hours that translates to 18.5 hours of vicious self-doubting negativity. Tonight I allowed myself to be. I stopped comparing myself to how I want to be, how others are, or what I ‘could’ be. I simply allowed myself to be, free of judgement. I had had enough of looking into the mirror and seeing someone that I hate, that isn’t good enough.

The moment that I looked at myself and said, aloud… you are who you are, there is nothing in this moment that you can do to change yourself. You may have an idea of who you’d like to be, or who you are striving to be, but right now, this is who you are. Just accept that.

Being in denial of where you are at any time and striving to be something that you’re not is a recipe for disaster. This denial tends to translate to the rising prevalence of anxiety, depression and many other health disorders. You have to know where you are before you can work out where you’re going.

We waste so many precious moments comparing and judging, and only in being honest and true to ourselves can we actually prosper, thrive and get where we want to be.

Accept yourself.



new beginning

why am i so frightened to start afresh?

for the past 5 years ive had the same stable friendship group and a similar outlook on life. in the past year ive discovered so much about myself and my life and how my life and your life are so different yet so connected. how we are all separate yet all one.

i see this every day, i comment on it, every day. yet others just dont try, or (possibly) dont want to look at life from this perspective.

for months and months i have been attempting to find likeminded people who are accepting and openminded to the oneness of our world and so far i have collected two people whose beliefs cross paths with mine.

this is great news, however one is my psychology teacher and the other is leaving to travel west africa in a matter of months.

i understand that life is forever changing however sometimes i believe that i cannot live my life through my beliefs if i am doing it alone.

so today i finally explored out of my comfort zone and reached into the depths of the unknown and i sent a lovely acquaintance a message about attending a mass meditation with me.

it was frightening, i allowed (for a matter of seconds) my human emotions to intertwine with my thoughts and raise my heartbeat.

these emotions abruptly ended when a wave of love and harmony overwhelmed me and swallowed me whole when she accepted my invitation, reassuring me that this is what is to be.

so here i sit, washing away my (what was) unbreakable hold on what i had and where i was in the past 5 years, and now soaking up (and accepting) what is. things are different. change is continuously occurring. and i am ok with that.

i accept that,

now i can let go and move on


Natural Retaliation




Where do I put my hands?


Your lips are not your next meal


Not like you’re running a marathon


Morse code won’t help you here


Your heart thinks it’s in a rock band


Fear not, oxygen is plentiful


Your vision turns black


Your eyes try to shield the bright lights


Subtle chatter clouds your thoughts


Your mouth fails to form the words


The end of suffering approaches you


You reach the opening of the dark tunnel


Your brain searches for questions


You think this may just be the end


Your slate is cleared to start afresh


You remember back to before it changed


You tell the broken story unwillingly


You look at the scars on your innocent body


You feel the cold night air on your bare skin


You fall rigidly to the unfavourable ground


Ma’am, mind you explain what’s on your mind?


What is it that happened on that night?


What would you say was your last memory?



Trick Question

What is lost can always be found


blows through your hair


gathers between your toes


divides you and the horizon


burns in your soul.


blown by the


disturb the uncovered


once sheltered by the depths of the



only just surviving the


You were in your


singing with the


the only being on


praising the


for extinguishing the


Dusting off the


that were covered in sand by the


you thank the gods that rule the


for bringing them back with the


that started the


That had stolen your




Finders, Keepers?













While ~50’000 VCE students all learn from the same books and are tested on the same things to then be compared against every other student in the state, we must remember that some of us succeed in some areas and struggle in others and to accept that we’re all different and cope with things differently as we can never put ourselves in anyone else’s shoes, every individual experiences their schooling differently and we are not one to judge their achievements and their battles.

So next time YOU judge my battles and my achievements… Remember that.


It’s like a physical ball of fire burning between my eyes
It’s like a knife pushed so far down my throat I can feel it ripping at my stomach lining.
It’s a sense of defeat.
A sense of temporary hatred.
Temporary lust, passion -an erosion of emotions.
The rush causes shivers to run down my body even when the sun is burning at its hottest, leaving my skin scattered with goose bumps.
The blood is pulsing through my veins like a tap has been switched on full stream that triggers the tears to gather and pour down my face.
Never have I felt so invigorated but powerless, so strong yet so weak.

Lies. Lies. Lies. That’s all I can hear. Her in her enraged state was so blinded by her aggression she didn’t notice my suppression of emotions.

I feel engulfed by a being from within, the thought of it’s desire to bring me down to the darkest of dungeons scares me to no end.

My body says yes -take action, defend what’s right
My mind says no -think about your actions, she’s your sister for Christ’s sake.

with spring, comes a new beginning

it’s hard to start afresh.

it almost feels like you have to say goodbye to what you’ve had in the past to be able to move on to something new. something a friend of mine once said to me when i mentioned that, is that the end of a book isn’t necessarily the end of a story. here i’m starting my new book but i’m continuing to write my story, my way, from my perspective. 

starting a public diary has been possibly the most difficult decision to make. to show my deepest thoughts to the public eye. so for now, i shall remain anonymous. 

every day when i rise with the sun, i try to tell myself how lucky i am to live in a world so good as ours. every day offers new opportunities and shows us exactly why it’s worth living.

this beginning for me is about appreciation. this is the start of a new chapter in my book, appreciating the little things, the big things and exploring every fogged thought in my mind.


thank you for reading my first post. together we can experience this new chapter of my life.