new beginning

by smugwriter

why am i so frightened to start afresh?

for the past 5 years ive had the same stable friendship group and a similar outlook on life. in the past year ive discovered so much about myself and my life and how my life and your life are so different yet so connected. how we are all separate yet all one.

i see this every day, i comment on it, every day. yet others just dont try, or (possibly) dont want to look at life from this perspective.

for months and months i have been attempting to find likeminded people who are accepting and openminded to the oneness of our world and so far i have collected two people whose beliefs cross paths with mine.

this is great news, however one is my psychology teacher and the other is leaving to travel west africa in a matter of months.

i understand that life is forever changing however sometimes i believe that i cannot live my life through my beliefs if i am doing it alone.

so today i finally explored out of my comfort zone and reached into the depths of the unknown and i sent a lovely acquaintance a message about attending a mass meditation with me.

it was frightening, i allowed (for a matter of seconds) my human emotions to intertwine with my thoughts and raise my heartbeat.

these emotions abruptly ended when a wave of love and harmony overwhelmed me and swallowed me whole when she accepted my invitation, reassuring me that this is what is to be.

so here i sit, washing away my (what was) unbreakable hold on what i had and where i was in the past 5 years, and now soaking up (and accepting) what is. things are different. change is continuously occurring. and i am ok with that.

i accept that,

now i can let go and move on