by smugwriter

It’s like a physical ball of fire burning between my eyes
It’s like a knife pushed so far down my throat I can feel it ripping at my stomach lining.
It’s a sense of defeat.
A sense of temporary hatred.
Temporary lust, passion -an erosion of emotions.
The rush causes shivers to run down my body even when the sun is burning at its hottest, leaving my skin scattered with goose bumps.
The blood is pulsing through my veins like a tap has been switched on full stream that triggers the tears to gather and pour down my face.
Never have I felt so invigorated but powerless, so strong yet so weak.

Lies. Lies. Lies. That’s all I can hear. Her in her enraged state was so blinded by her aggression she didn’t notice my suppression of emotions.

I feel engulfed by a being from within, the thought of it’s desire to bring me down to the darkest of dungeons scares me to no end.

My body says yes -take action, defend what’s right
My mind says no -think about your actions, she’s your sister for Christ’s sake.