by smugwriter

In any way, the sensation of bursting is unpleasant.

Bursting to announce news, bursting to pee, bursting with tears or bursting with anger.

Bursting is not a feeling I truly ever look forward to.

A sensation above simply bursting, is bursting with aggression, or any sort of passion so to speak. These states of mind (and body) allow us to achieve at the best of our ability at that given moment. They allow out instincts to take over and let nature’s juices flow. However, the lead up to these actions, the short yet significant moments that lead to this outburst of passion build within all of the crevices and nooks hidden under our many layers of skin. In turn, making us want to jump out of them and be set free.

Sometimes I associate myself with a balloon. Slowly gliding along in the wind with no worries. And then spontaneously a child (figure of speech) picks me up and blows and blows and blows into me, stretching my rubber until I can only just close. Leaving me to burst at the seam slowly and painfully until I can finally reach my ‘normal’.